ModeMeseé does : Googley Eyes

IMG_6395 film

Hello beautiful people of the world!

Sosa here, at your service.

I am super super excited to finally share this post with everyone. These shots are from a collaboration I did with the gorgeous and multitalented Jae (londonsfashionblogger on instagram, check her out!) as a part of her L’ete Noir series .

Every now and then I like to push things a bit further than ‘your everyday blog post’ ; I like to inject a little more creativity, make it more fun for everyone. So this is me looking super pink.


IMG_6289 film IMG_6412 film IMG_6352 film

IMG_6295 film IMG_6301 film IMG_6369 film
IMG_6377 film IMG_6429 film

This shirt I have on is a fab recent buy from Lazy Oaf (on sale YAS), its called the ‘eyeliner’ shirt, I love that. I love how quirky and cute Lazy Oaf as a brand is, everything from the names of the pieces to the advertising campaigns screams creativity… and a little weirdness, but good weirdness. I admire people that have no fear of being a little silly sometimes.

I paired it with a simple Topshop skater skirt and my go-to white Chuck Taylor’s. I’d never seen this shirt styled as an actual shirt; only ever seen it worn as a dress so I decided to try something different and it worked out pretty cute.

I shot the shooter.

jae edited

Everyone say hello to Jae; the lovely lady behind the lens. Be sure to check out her instagram page (LondonsFashionBlogger) for the rest of her L’ete Noir series and loads of other cool stuff!

jae polaroid

If you follow me on instagram you’ll notice that I got my hands on a polaroid camera recently. If you don’t follow me on instagram… YOU SHOULD, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? HeyItsSosa. 😀

By the way, I RAN INTO SHAKKA IN NOTTING HILL AFTER WE SHOT THIS. He was so nice and down to earth, it was incredible to meet him. If you don’t know who Shakka is then you really need to check his music out and update your playlists, trust me, you won’t regret it.

This is us being cute with Shakka in our lovely Crown Ivy floral headbands. You can probably tell how excited we were.

Fan Girl Mode Activated.


Thats all folks!

A massive thank you for reading, feel free to leave cute comments below and see you next time!

Outfit details

Shirt – Lazy Oaf

White inner top – H&M

Skater skirt –  Topshop

Shoes – Converse

Sunnies – LaModa

Floral Headbands – Crown Ivy

ModeMeseé does : Summer Shades



Ladies and Gentlemen, London officially was hotter than Athens and the Caribbean! It has been an incredibly hot week here in the big city and I don’t mean just a little bit hot, I mean very hot. Hot enough for the fans to be pulled out of the attic and every window in the house opened as wide as possible. The day after we shot this was the hottest ever day recorded in England; thank goodness we chose the day before otherwise we may have melted into puddles and this post never would exist.

Anyway I guess we should get on with it…

IMG_7024 IMG_7038IMG_7051 IMG_7008




Hey hey hey!

Being from a country where its hot all year round, I feel right at home in this heat and I am taking advantage of every moment; I’ve whipped out the flip flops! I love summer; sunshine, ice-cream, milkshakes and positive vibes.

These days I’ve unconsciously had a bit of a hippie thing going on, with my brightly coloured hair, clothes and circle frame sunnies I feel very 60’s.


Now lets talk about this Kimono. This was yet another lucky find off Depop (originally from Primark), what I love about it is the fact that even though its sheer, the colours on it are still so bold and bright.

(Follow me on Depop! @heyitsosa)

IMG_7142 IMG_7138

Summary – Kimono: Depop, Cropped Cami: Primark, High waisted pants: Asos, Flip flops: Asda, Sunnies: LaModa, Floppy Hat: Topshop, Rings: Boohoo, Bag: Nine West.



Feeling the summer sun vibes but still fearing the fickleness of British weather I decided to wear long sleeves but roll them up. This way if clouds swooped in unsuspected I’d be one step ahead.


My button up shirt is from Liberty.  Liberty is an old department store right off Carnaby street and oxford street. It is in an old tutor style building and is so beautiful inside. You feel almost transported to another realm, it is an experience. They have their famous prints that they design and come out with different collections of which is very cool and I love them. This shirt I was lucky enough to find at a local charity shop. IMG_7081 IMG_7114My backpack is a classic maid charity shop find. IMG_7096 If you’ve been following out little blog for a while you would know that I hardly ever wear heels unless they’re boot heels. I am a comfort kinda girl and heels to be frank are just not comfy. I know they can be cute and make you taller and make you look better blah blah blah, but my converse and other general flat soled shoes give me the power and ability to walk without fear. However on this particular day I had the sudden desire to put on so summer heels to give my outfit a  little more power. These shoes are from H&M and I got them on sale for a fiver! Bargain! IMG_7088

Shirt – Charity Shop
Jeans – Thrift store
shoes – H&M
Backpack – Charity Store
Sunglasses – Romancing the stone


Thats all for today folks! Massive thank you for reading and stay tuned for more cool stuff!

Peace! Xx

Modemeseé does; The Louvre

I just returned home from Paris! I was away for four day on a completely spontaneous trip. It was a whirlwind and I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that its over. It was my first ever trip to paris so I was very excited. As a sixteen year old I had dreamed of being in Paris and seeing Monet at Muse l’orangerie and going to shakespeare and company after reading about it on The years went by and my dreams hadn’t come true till suddenly out of the blue a friend proposed to me that we go and thus these dreams were realized.

IMG_3759 IMG_3778 IMG_3791 IMG_3797 IMG_3902

This post is the first installment of my mini Paris fashion diary. I packed my suitcase with Paris in the forefront of my mind, every outfit I chose was inspired by what I knew Paris to be from movies, fashion, and music. For my first outfit I chose a long loosely pleated black skirt covered in tiny little polka dots so that the overall appearance of the skirt seems grey. A simple white shirt is paired along with a tiny little denim button up incase the weather was to fail us. I was totally inspired by minimalistic classic women when putting this outfit together. I knew this outfit would be really comfortable and perfect for a long day of playing tourist. I added a sweet wood beaded necklace that was once my grandmothers to complete the outfit I always seem to wear something of hers, I think having a grandma token on me  is my good luck charm. viola.


my skirt, shirt, and bag are all from various thrift/charity shop from London to America. My shoes from payless shoes which is a great cheap shoe store in America. The denim shirt is a favourite from Dillards and the sunnies too.

“Paris is always a good idea,” Audrey Hepburn I hope you all have wonderful weeks Lots of love, Madison

ModeMeseé does : Amethyst


Hey Hey Hey! Sosa here.

I don’t know about you guys but I am so excited about summer and all the sunshine and ice-cream she has to offer. It has finally gotten warm in England and theres positive vibes everywhere. I love how people just get generally happier during the summer.


As you may have noticed, my hair has changed colour yet again! Not what I originally planned on having but this is so working for me right now. I’m loving being a bluey-purple head.

Sosa = Nün and Justine Skye’s love child

Unicorn Vibes


On the the fun stuff.

What I have on today is a thrifted oversized mens shirt. I fell in love with this the moment I saw it, it needed a little fixing up but it was totally worth it. The print reminds me of one of my dads old shirts from when I was younger and I really love the colour palette. It’s awesome because it can be worn in so many different ways; as a crop top, dress, wrapped around the waist or as a Kimono.

This is the first none-handbag I’ve gotten in ages, I felt like there was a void to fill in my bag collection, i wanted something a little more masculine and I found this lovely New Look bag. I love the shape of it and the fact that its leather, you don’t see that everyday; a pouch shaped leather bag. 

IMG_6467 copy

I really wanted a plain black midi dress to wear on this printed shirt but I didn’t have one so I improvised with a cropped cami and a pencil skirt.

Thats all folks!

Again thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


Shirt – East End thrift store

Cropped Cami – Primark

Pencil Skirt – New Look

Bag – New Look

Jewellery – Forever 21/Topshop/Urban outfitters

Shoes – New Balance

Sun Glasses – New Look

Watch – Fossil

ModeMeseé does : Squeaky Clean

edit 3Ola! Sosa here. I hope youre all having a fabulous bank holiday. I sure am!

Today on ModeMeseé I shall be sharing with you a simple, cute little outfit I put together last week. As you probably already know, I have a thing for the colour purple; oddly enough I don’t own many purple items of clothing. This is something thats going to change gradually, starting with this turtleneck dress.

edit 10

I scored this dress for £3 (along with the same dress in red for £3 as well) in Whitechapel. Now is that a really really good deal or is that a really really good deal?

B-A-R-G-A-I-Nedit 7edit 4

I paired the short dress with tights and my handy new balance trainers to make it a little more casual.

Plus new balance = comfort central.

I’m currently in the hair extension dying process, preparing for my next weave and I’m super stoked and pretty nervous about it. Its something I haven’t tried before but YOLO (I’ll give you a hint; Its Sosa + Madi, try and figure it out 😉 ).

In the mean time I have had a double braid in and it has given me the opportunity to show off my ears and my faux ear cuff. Now you all know what my ears look like. BOOM.

edit 12

edit 9 edit 8

I love the double braid look, its so ghetto fabulous. We all need a bit of ghetto fabulous every now and then.

The return of the F.A.B apparel hoodie

The return of the F.A.B apparel hoodie

edit 16 edit 15

Thats all folks! Thanks for reading and see you next time!

– Sosa


Turtleneck dress : Whitechapel (originally boohoo)

Cropped Hoodie : F.A.B

Shoes : New Balance

Sungasses : LaModa

Ear Cuff : New Look

ModeMeseé Does; Bond


Hi guys!  Madi here.

A month a go I had a sudden urge to be James Bond. Something about him resonated with me, maybe it was his charm and extreme self confidence, or perhaps just his sweet gadgets and utter Britishness, or maybe it was all of these things that made me think I could totally be James Bond. Me and my Mom sat down and watched Live and let die which has one of my favourite scenes in cinematic history, it involves meat, some crocodiles, a magnetic watch, and a man with a hook for a hand. We then proceeded to watch skyfall and casino royal and I swooned over Daniel Craigs sparkling eyes. So taking this inspiration I asked Sosa to take her weapon of choice (her camera) and shoot me. Utilizing our Uni’s architectural structure we managed to create our own Bond aesthetic photo. And just for fun we shot my look for the day which I’ll admit was a little less James Bond.

 _DSC0615 copy

madison  _DSC0613 _DSC0625Cow Boy Boots – Originally from Zara but found at the quaintest little charity shop Stripped Button Up – A different but just as quaint charity shop Skirt – Forever 21 Floppy Hat – H and M


Today I want to encourage you all to be James Bond,  fearlessly pursuing everything and  holding your head up high with confidence believing you can surely do anything. And of course have your drinks shaken not stirred.

That’s all for now folks

-Madi xx

Colour and Character


Hey guys! Sosa here.

Do you remember that show Mr. Men from when you were a kid? The one were each man had a main trait and a colour? Like Mr happy was Yellow and Mr Noisy was Red. Well, as a result of my new love for colour, I did my Final Major Project on colour and character. In this post, I will be sharing my Pink with you.

Long story short, the whole project is about how we unconsciously associate certain colours with certain thoughts, moods, personalities and situations.For example red being danger, love, passion, anger etc.

With this I paired a colour with a person.

Just think of this shoot as a telescope looking into Madi’s brain.

deezzzz nuttssss

Everyone say hello to my Pink! Co-Blogger; Madison Marie Pelley.


In conversation with Madi

‘I think I am pink because it’s kind of a childish colour,

I think that I have a childish nature to myself.

I’m very impulsive and when I’m excited it usually resembles the excitement of a little girl getting a pink pony.

I wouldn’t say I consider myself childish in a negative way, more like in a free way.

I don’t have a fear of being silly or crazy for fun’

gummy Final edit but not full pink page

‘…I feel everything super strongly.

If I’m sad, I’m distraught.

If I’m happy I’m jubilant.’


I hope you liked my brief look inside the mind of the Madison Marie Pelley.

If you like this then you might want to keep an eye on my Tumblr page. I will be posting 4 other colours everyday this week!

Thats all folks! Don’t forget to subscribe here

And think, ‘If I was a colour, what would I be?’

Creative Direction by Sosa

Photography by Sosa

Styling by Sosa

Model – Madi

ModeMeseé does; Jedi


When I was a kid my folks always told me ‘you can be anything you want to be in life’.

So I chose to be a Jedi.

ese jedi 4


This is me using the force to make my hair look all dramatic.

Having seen the trailer for the new star wars movie I had to make my childhood Jedi dreams come true. I found this Jedi-like hooded cloak in H&M over the Easter break and we had an instant connection. I knew she would be mine; it was love at first sight.

I usually don’t like tops with slits on the sides because I never really know what to do with the long piece of fabric just hanging in front of me, I really don’t dig the whole ‘tie the front into a knot’ thing I see people do. But this particular slit side top caught my attention because its not so long. Perfect!

IMG_9064 IMG_9057




…I am your father.


I’m sorry, I had to 😦

ese jedi 3ese jedi 5

Here’s a bit of information that has nothing to do with Star Wars, Jedi’s,  flowey cloaks or clothes.

‘Be more excited about your progress than you are depressed about how far you have to go’ – Joyce Meyer.

This is something I heard recently and found incredibly useful, I hope you do too!

Thats all folks, stay tuned for more cool stuff.


Shots by Keenan Joseph, you can find him on Tumblr and Instagram. 


Cloak – H&M

Turtleneck slit side top – New Look

Pants – Topshop (Joni)

Shoes – Forever 21

ModeMesee does: Spring Pink

hearteyes When I was a little girl I adored pink, but as I grew and became a young child I would distance myself from pink because I thought it was too girly, it was a colour for stupid girly girls. Now however I have come full circle. Pink and I were always meant to be.



I recently have become moderately obsessed with Phiney Pet, whom you should all check out. Their clothes are very illustrative and fun. They inspired me to personalize and illustrate onto my own clothes. I started customizing denim shirts and this leather jacket which is not quite finished.

Since these photos were taken I added hearts to the sleeves and white drops on the back!!




Saskia Liola was kind enough to take these photos for me. She is very talented and you can check out here Instagram here.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the flowers and all that comes with spring.

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” – C. S. Lewis This week I want to share my appreciation for the friendships I’ve been given. My heart feels full of joy thanks to all my wonderful and beautiful friends. ❤

That’s all for now! See y’all next time xx

SuperColour Sosa; Outfits of the week


Before I bought my supercolours I had a brief conversation with a friend that went like this;

Friend: you can’t wear these everyday

Sosa: *dramatic hair flip* Watch me!

I’ve always wanted to do that. *ticks dramatic hair flick off bucket list*

I took up the challenge and wore my Ray Purple Supercolours everyday of the week (well, everyday that I had to go in to Uni).


*Student ID peeping through mesh Tee*

Colour can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, when I feel this way I like to play it safe and do a classic all black look. I like this look because it really shows off the shoes; its like black black black black then BOOM! POP OF COLOUR

I walked around for the whole day feeling like a modern day Star wars Jedi.


This is my ‘I’ve run out of poses’ pose




Have you ever loved an item of clothing so much that you refuse to let it go even after it starts to rip apart? Yeah thats me and these Topshop Joni jeans. I’m in love with Joni jeans; best fit on high waisted pants ever. When mine started to rip at the back I decided it was time to own a new pair of ripped jeans; I completed the rip job.


Cloak- H&M, Mesh Top – Depop, Pants – Topshop (DIY Ripped), Sunglasses – Blitz Vintage store Brick Lane, Shoes – Adidas Supercolour.


Day 2 of my supercolour challenge was less black and more grey. I had on a simple cropped jumper from F.A.B apparel; a street wear brand by a friend of mine that hasn’t lunched yet but hopefully will do in the nearest future.


I fell off like two seconds after Madi took this photo 😦


Circle sunnies are it for me right now. I got these off new look recently and I am so obsessed, I love how big they are and the fact that they have a bit of a purple tint.


Sunglasses- New Look, Cropped hoodie- F.A.B apparel, Pants – asos, Hoop earrings – Select, shoes – Adidas supercolour.

_DSC0432 copy

Quick hair update:

My hair has morphed into this. I’m not entirely sure what to call it; Purplish, greenish, greyish blue?

It looks different depending on the lighting. I am SO glad it did this, I wake up in the morning and am startled at the fact that the front is now green. Madi and I are twinning now.

I am the human Eggplant 🍆


Anyways, back to the outfit. On the last day of my challenge I decided to ditch the greys and blacks and go more blue-ey (eventually I’ll be daring enough to try brighter colours, stay tuned!).



Denim Jacket- EastEnd Thrift store, Jersey shirt -Primark, Jeans – Gap (DIY Ripped), shoes – Adidas supercolour.

Shout out to Chantelle Hibbert for my Day 1 photos.

Thats all folks! Thank you for reading and see you next time.