SuperColour Sosa; Outfits of the week


Before I bought my supercolours I had a brief conversation with a friend that went like this;

Friend: you can’t wear these everyday

Sosa: *dramatic hair flip* Watch me!

I’ve always wanted to do that. *ticks dramatic hair flick off bucket list*

I took up the challenge and wore my Ray Purple Supercolours everyday of the week (well, everyday that I had to go in to Uni).


*Student ID peeping through mesh Tee*

Colour can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, when I feel this way I like to play it safe and do a classic all black look. I like this look because it really shows off the shoes; its like black black black black then BOOM! POP OF COLOUR

I walked around for the whole day feeling like a modern day Star wars Jedi.


This is my ‘I’ve run out of poses’ pose




Have you ever loved an item of clothing so much that you refuse to let it go even after it starts to rip apart? Yeah thats me and these Topshop Joni jeans. I’m in love with Joni jeans; best fit on high waisted pants ever. When mine started to rip at the back I decided it was time to own a new pair of ripped jeans; I completed the rip job.


Cloak- H&M, Mesh Top – Depop, Pants – Topshop (DIY Ripped), Sunglasses – Blitz Vintage store Brick Lane, Shoes – Adidas Supercolour.


Day 2 of my supercolour challenge was less black and more grey. I had on a simple cropped jumper from F.A.B apparel; a street wear brand by a friend of mine that hasn’t lunched yet but hopefully will do in the nearest future.


I fell off like two seconds after Madi took this photo 😦


Circle sunnies are it for me right now. I got these off new look recently and I am so obsessed, I love how big they are and the fact that they have a bit of a purple tint.


Sunglasses- New Look, Cropped hoodie- F.A.B apparel, Pants – asos, Hoop earrings – Select, shoes – Adidas supercolour.

_DSC0432 copy

Quick hair update:

My hair has morphed into this. I’m not entirely sure what to call it; Purplish, greenish, greyish blue?

It looks different depending on the lighting. I am SO glad it did this, I wake up in the morning and am startled at the fact that the front is now green. Madi and I are twinning now.

I am the human Eggplant 🍆


Anyways, back to the outfit. On the last day of my challenge I decided to ditch the greys and blacks and go more blue-ey (eventually I’ll be daring enough to try brighter colours, stay tuned!).



Denim Jacket- EastEnd Thrift store, Jersey shirt -Primark, Jeans – Gap (DIY Ripped), shoes – Adidas supercolour.

Shout out to Chantelle Hibbert for my Day 1 photos.

Thats all folks! Thank you for reading and see you next time.


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