ModeMeseé Does; Bond


Hi guys!  Madi here.

A month a go I had a sudden urge to be James Bond. Something about him resonated with me, maybe it was his charm and extreme self confidence, or perhaps just his sweet gadgets and utter Britishness, or maybe it was all of these things that made me think I could totally be James Bond. Me and my Mom sat down and watched Live and let die which has one of my favourite scenes in cinematic history, it involves meat, some crocodiles, a magnetic watch, and a man with a hook for a hand. We then proceeded to watch skyfall and casino royal and I swooned over Daniel Craigs sparkling eyes. So taking this inspiration I asked Sosa to take her weapon of choice (her camera) and shoot me. Utilizing our Uni’s architectural structure we managed to create our own Bond aesthetic photo. And just for fun we shot my look for the day which I’ll admit was a little less James Bond.

 _DSC0615 copy

madison  _DSC0613 _DSC0625Cow Boy Boots – Originally from Zara but found at the quaintest little charity shop Stripped Button Up – A different but just as quaint charity shop Skirt – Forever 21 Floppy Hat – H and M


Today I want to encourage you all to be James Bond,  fearlessly pursuing everything and  holding your head up high with confidence believing you can surely do anything. And of course have your drinks shaken not stirred.

That’s all for now folks

-Madi xx

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