ModeMeseé does : Squeaky Clean

edit 3Ola! Sosa here. I hope youre all having a fabulous bank holiday. I sure am!

Today on ModeMeseé I shall be sharing with you a simple, cute little outfit I put together last week. As you probably already know, I have a thing for the colour purple; oddly enough I don’t own many purple items of clothing. This is something thats going to change gradually, starting with this turtleneck dress.

edit 10

I scored this dress for £3 (along with the same dress in red for £3 as well) in Whitechapel. Now is that a really really good deal or is that a really really good deal?

B-A-R-G-A-I-Nedit 7edit 4

I paired the short dress with tights and my handy new balance trainers to make it a little more casual.

Plus new balance = comfort central.

I’m currently in the hair extension dying process, preparing for my next weave and I’m super stoked and pretty nervous about it. Its something I haven’t tried before but YOLO (I’ll give you a hint; Its Sosa + Madi, try and figure it out 😉 ).

In the mean time I have had a double braid in and it has given me the opportunity to show off my ears and my faux ear cuff. Now you all know what my ears look like. BOOM.

edit 12

edit 9 edit 8

I love the double braid look, its so ghetto fabulous. We all need a bit of ghetto fabulous every now and then.

The return of the F.A.B apparel hoodie

The return of the F.A.B apparel hoodie

edit 16 edit 15

Thats all folks! Thanks for reading and see you next time!

– Sosa


Turtleneck dress : Whitechapel (originally boohoo)

Cropped Hoodie : F.A.B

Shoes : New Balance

Sungasses : LaModa

Ear Cuff : New Look

5 thoughts on “ModeMeseé does : Squeaky Clean

  1. Purple is known as the colour of royalty. The retro matching sunglasses giving it an extra stylish element. Toped up with the hoodie you get this royal urban retro pop look that is original. The new balances complete the whole retro princess look. URBAN CHIC 🙂

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