ModeMeseé does : Googley Eyes

IMG_6395 film

Hello beautiful people of the world!

Sosa here, at your service.

I am super super excited to finally share this post with everyone. These shots are from a collaboration I did with the gorgeous and multitalented Jae (londonsfashionblogger on instagram, check her out!) as a part of her L’ete Noir series .

Every now and then I like to push things a bit further than ‘your everyday blog post’ ; I like to inject a little more creativity, make it more fun for everyone. So this is me looking super pink.


IMG_6289 film IMG_6412 film IMG_6352 film

IMG_6295 film IMG_6301 film IMG_6369 film
IMG_6377 film IMG_6429 film

This shirt I have on is a fab recent buy from Lazy Oaf (on sale YAS), its called the ‘eyeliner’ shirt, I love that. I love how quirky and cute Lazy Oaf as a brand is, everything from the names of the pieces to the advertising campaigns screams creativity… and a little weirdness, but good weirdness. I admire people that have no fear of being a little silly sometimes.

I paired it with a simple Topshop skater skirt and my go-to white Chuck Taylor’s. I’d never seen this shirt styled as an actual shirt; only ever seen it worn as a dress so I decided to try something different and it worked out pretty cute.

I shot the shooter.

jae edited

Everyone say hello to Jae; the lovely lady behind the lens. Be sure to check out her instagram page (LondonsFashionBlogger) for the rest of her L’ete Noir series and loads of other cool stuff!

jae polaroid

If you follow me on instagram you’ll notice that I got my hands on a polaroid camera recently. If you don’t follow me on instagram… YOU SHOULD, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? HeyItsSosa. 😀

By the way, I RAN INTO SHAKKA IN NOTTING HILL AFTER WE SHOT THIS. He was so nice and down to earth, it was incredible to meet him. If you don’t know who Shakka is then you really need to check his music out and update your playlists, trust me, you won’t regret it.

This is us being cute with Shakka in our lovely Crown Ivy floral headbands. You can probably tell how excited we were.

Fan Girl Mode Activated.


Thats all folks!

A massive thank you for reading, feel free to leave cute comments below and see you next time!

Outfit details

Shirt – Lazy Oaf

White inner top – H&M

Skater skirt –  Topshop

Shoes – Converse

Sunnies – LaModa

Floral Headbands – Crown Ivy

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