Whats your colour?

edit 4 Hi Guys! Sosa here. In recent times I’ve been so aware of COLOUR, its as though I just discovered colour. Perfect timing for that as it is getting warm, flowers are blooming and there are leaves on trees. Leaves on trees = happy days. Perfect timing because Pharrell Williams (aka Bae), our first ever icon of the month and a man I look up to, has teamed up with  adidas to create the new adidas Supercolours. 50 different shades of the classic adidas superstar design but in fabulous block colours. pharrell-1 This is a dream come true for many people and the Supercolours have made a wave that has swept through London like a hurricane on steroids. They’re amazing and they come with a message; ‘All colours are equal’, its an amazing way of celebrating equality through diversity; something I think the world is in great need of. So…whats your colour? edit 7 PURPLE Purple, my childhood favourite colour has come back for me. I loved the colour when I younger but I didn’t really know why. Now that I’m older and I understand things better, I have figured it out. Purple is such a mysterious colour, it can be dark and happy depending on how its portrayed. A mix of red and blue; RED the colour of love and danger, BLUE the colour of the sea and sky; calming. Purple is versatile and can mean so much. Purple was the colour of royalty back in the day. Purple is the colour of a healing bruise. Purple is the colour of my hair right now 🙂 (with a bit of green) edit 3 edit  6 edit 5 edit 8 The most amazing thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago, the I AM OTHER instagram page liked MY photo of my purple super colours! (And you should too! Follow me on instagram – Heyitssosa ) IMG_5918 IMG_5919 That doesn’t happen everyday! I still am in shock about it but it is extremely encouraging and reassuring. Thats it for now folks, watch out for my ‘how I style my supercolours/outfits of the week’ post next week. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Tumblr for interesting stuff that don’t make it to the blog. Also, I’d love to hear what your Supercolour is and why so please leave me cool comments below. Bye! Xx

Outfits of the week/sunshine

Something magical has swept across London. After months and months of anticipation the sun has touched down and it’s actually hot outside. Getting warm temperatures is like hitting the jackpot here in England and its the kind of jackpot where everyone’s the winner.  It is undeniable that the weather changes my mood, this sunshine and brightness has been making me feel so happy, giddy, and motivated to go outside and do things.

Sosa and I decided to take photos of our outfits everyday we were in Uni this week and thanks to the sun I got to pull out a few of my old favorites out of hibernation.


This was my first outfit for the week! It was the first day back at Uni after two weeks off which meant waking up at 6am and 3 overflowing trains. Since I had been getting up late throughout the whole holiday and hardly took the tube anywhere I opted for comfort to get me through it. These trousers from Forever 21 are seriously so comfy you could wear them to sleep. They are my go to traveling trousers because not only are they super comfy but also super cute which is a winning combo in my eyes.

This little patch of my garden is the best in spring, all the flowers are coming out and the fish in the pond swim around and sometimes you’ll see a frog. It’s little wildlife sanctuary so peaceful and inspiring. _DSC0220


23 Degrees! It was 23 degrees today which means abnormally massive smiles are brewed and everyone wearing significantly less clothes. I almost forgot what legs looked like and that people actually have them. Although everyone around me had bare legs I did not trust the English weather enough to dare to bare. However, I did pull out one of my ultimate favourite dresses. It is a beautiful mexican dress that I found in an old antique store in good ol’ Grove, Oklahoma. My sweet little grandma bought it for me and I have never treasured anything as much as this dress. It is a little on the short side so I always pair it with these little white shorts to save my dignity. I also got to wear a classic madi piece, my oversized denim jacket. This jacket was a lucky find at a local charity shop! It cost me whole Fiver!! I generally pair this dress with my cowboy boots but on this occasion decided to go with my metallic trainers from Schuh. I have such a strong infatuation with any metallic shiny shoes.

_DSC0341 _DSC0330


Today was a fun day! I woke up feeling like it would be a fun day and a fun day calls for fun clothes. This outfit my not be fun colour wise or pattern wise but this jumpsuit is fun because you can do cartwheels or dance around with no fear. In the winter I usually will wear this jumpsuit with long sleeve shirts underneath but since it was hot outside I went for the simple little grey t-shirt. Oh and I mustn’t forget my poop coloured converse! Sosa told me my go to white converses were begging to be thrown away..I will not throw them away but I will wear my brown ones instead.


We shot these photos in the library at uni which is a goldmine. You could happily spend hours flicking through the multitude of books and magazine archives.


Sosa has converted me to the double bun life. She is the handyman behind these awesome Princess Leia buns. We are going to do a post soon all about buns and how Sosa will show us how to do them! Educational and exciting!!!! WOO!

I hope you all had wonderful wonderful weeks and your weekend will be full of laughter and fun.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop,” – Confucius
I encourage you all to stay focused on your goals, to not give up because of challenges, and to enjoy life as it comes to you ❤

That’s all for now folks! See you very soon xx



EastLondon is a mysterious magical place when West London is all you’ve ever really known. It is almost like being transported to another world entirely. Who would of thought a city could change so much from one end to the other. We met at Pontoon Dock and shot in the Thames Barrier park. This was my first ever experience on A DLR! I stepped on board super excited because I read somewhere that sitting in the front is like being on a roller coaster. The windows are large and you can see the tracks in front! SO COOL! I traveled from Bank towards Lewisham zigzagging through the city, it felt like I was in one of those simulator rides. Once I arrived at the station I was hit with a massive gust of wind that was certainly an omen for how the rest of the day would go…WINDY!

Next most important thing to mention would be the fact that Sosa and I are now both rainbow unicorn mermaids with our hair! Probably one of the most exciting developments in world history.

IMG_8843_DSC0455 _DSC0472  _DSC0496   _DSC0517_DSC0513 _DSC0521 IMG_8751 IMG_8828IMG_8823

Summary (Madi)

Skirt – The East End Thrift store 50p guys 50p Shirt – Old shirt found in my drawers that I painted on when I was 15 and going through a hippy phase Jacker- Farah Charity Shop Denim Shirt – Dillards

_DSC0529 IMG_8773

Ah yes..

Unicorn life is blissful! For some reason my hair only stayed completely purple for about a week; shortly after, it started turning grey/blueish and now green at certain parts. I have NO idea why but… I LOVE IT! Its safe to say that it has a mind of its own.


I went on a little girls night out with a couple of my friends and this is what I had on, I got a number of compliments so I decided to re-create the look for Mode Meseé.

I feel like if Sherlock Holmes was a black woman, this is what she’d look like … perhaps with less coloured hair.


IMG_8803 IMG_8800           IMG_8808

I am fairly excited about it being spring; leaves on trees and blooming flowers = happy days. I’ve whipped out my handy trench coat; perfect for this weather and it makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes as a black woman, we all need one of those.

IMG_8906 IMG_8887



Turtleneck dress – Forever 21

Fur Collar – New Look

Silver Bangles – Primark

Trench Coat – Laura Petite

Stiletos – Asos


Massive thank you for reading and see you in our next post! Xx

– Sosa

Special Shout out to Keenan Joseph; our wonderful and talented photographer follow his instagram here

The return of the M

After weeks and weeks of interviews, assessments, projects, and just general stress I have a little breathing room…Just a little. I can finally jump back into the blog. I’ve had my little sabbatical and now its time to get back to business. Summer is around the corner and I’m getting jittery and excited but first and foremost I must pass my foundation course.

So, today a friend of mine and I went out to get some coffee and hang out for a little bit. She was wonderfull enough to take so snaps of my rags of the day. Top Babe! I decided to go with an outfit that looked like one my Mom was wearing in a  photo from the late 80’s. Double denim, plain white shirt, and a baseball hat.  I really don’t know what has spurred on my sudden affection and admiration towards baseball hats. I feel super American when I wear one and I decided since I am american I might as well own it, right.

I one hundred percent felt like a house painter today in wearing this outfit so if you’re looking for someone who is prepared to paint walls clothing wise hit me up.

_DSC0249 _DSC0252 _DSC0266 _DSC0268
I like this photo because I look tired and moody. That was definitely the look I aimed for.


Everyhting I wore today besides my white shirt and shoes were from various charity shops/handme downs or stolen from my mothers closet…shhh..don’t tell her.

Shoes – shuch
Shirt- Forever 21
Shout out to my Dad for giving me the hat!

Since sahr took my photos for me today I asked if I could take some of hers just so y’all could see the face behind the lens today. Isn’t she a stunner! 😀 
   _DSC0344 _DSC0353

Beach Boteh


Hey Guys!

So I had the opportunity to visit Brighton the other day. I’d heard about how beautiful it is so I was pretty excited. HOWEVER, I totally underestimated  the weather; should’ve brought a thicker coat. I spent the day freezing my butt off 😦 .

I went for a really casual look because I needed to be comfortable as I was going to be doing a lot of walking and sight seeing.




My hair is just doing whatever it wants changing colour but its okay. Unicorn life chose me.

I think I’m developing a thing for printed mens shirts; I got this one from a shop that was closing down in Manchester at the end of last summer for £5 (BARGAIN whoop whoop!!). I don’t remember what the shop was called but you could probably find something similar by searching Paisley or Boteh print shirt.

I learnt recently that the Paisley print is originally from Persia, it was called ‘Persian Pickles’ by American traditionalists. ‘Boteh’ is the droplet shaped motif. The Western name ‘Paisley’ was named after a town in Western Scotland known for textiles. In recent times I’ve been really interested in the historical references that exist in my wardrobe; It makes me feel a certain connection with these places even though I’ve never been. One day maybe…


Full Body shot of me being touristy

Check out that shot of some snazzy spring time ankle action. ^


IMG_4085 IMG_4081

Thats all for now folks, Thanks for reading! See you next time Xx.


Photography by Favour.E


Shirt – Paisley/Boteh print mens shirt

Pants/Trousers – Topshop (Joni)

Round frame glasses – Ali express

Shoes – Converse

Leather Jacket – H&M

Bag – Danier Leather (Canada)

March Icon of the Month – Arvida Byström

Valerie_Phillips-P_3067184k I first discovered Arvida sometime in November when I was doing some research on Meadham Kirchhoff for a school project; she’s been a muse for Meadham Kirchhoff in recent times. She’s a model as well as a photographer , a unicorn and a regular tumblr user. Theres something about her aura that is so peaceful and relaxed, I think its her use of pastel colours in her self portraits. I think she’s pretty much had every colour of hair; true unicorn. R1-05732-031A tumblr_mwmoy6fbkV1rrv7omo8_1280
tumblr_n19eqa33GY1rrv7omo2_1280 tumblr_netvc1jOFw1qf1d5vo4_1280 tumblr_netvc1jOFw1qf1d5vo6_1280

Bystrom is a major muse for both me and Sosa as aspiring hair unicorns. Her aesthetic is very prominent and very interesting. She has had almost every hair colour possible, her hair matches her character and persona perfectly. To say the least she is the rainbow hair queen…all hail!

Somerset Violet


Heeeyyyy Guys!!

As you all probably know, London fashion week took place last week and I was able to make it on the last day to do some networking.

I love the atmosphere at Somerset House during Fashion week, its just so exhilarating and full of opportunity. As a matter of fact, it was at fashion week last year that Madison and I decided to collaborate and create Mode Meseé!

Anyway, on to the cool stuff..



First things first – I have officially joined the Unicorns! Violet Head Sosa at your service 😀

I’ll probably Blog about my DIY process on our beauty page next week. I had been DYING to have purple ages for a while now, literally (<— see what I did there?). I’ve decided that life is too short to be afraid to try; being experimental payed off for me in this case. Being a violet head has been pretty awesome so far.



Depop strikes again! A pop of colour added to my wardrobe;  this yellow flare skirt was a ‘YOLO’ buy for me. This is the only item I own that is yellow… or is it green? I cant really tell, I think I might be partly colour blind 😦

With my purple hair I decided to be daring and go for another bright colour, hence the yellow.


Random Sosa Fact : I love Rihanna, If you walk into my room right now you’ll be welcomed by a couple of stunning Rihanna posters.  

The top half of this outfit was inspired by Rihanna’s outfit in the music video for ‘Four Five seconds‘ ft Paul McCartney and Kanye West. I loved the styling for that entire music video.

Having an oversized denim shirt cinched in at the waist is genius! It creates a lovely feminine silhouette.


Don’t be deceived by all this luscious sunlight, it was relatively cold that day and I had on skin coloured tights to keep me from freezing. I’d been on the hunt for skin coloured tights in my shade for a really long time and I finally found the perfect pair; random buy from a random hair shop in woolwich.

IMG_3782 IMG_3795

Thats all folks!!

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing. A big fat thank you to Eugenie MacDonald for the photography in this post.

See you next time! Xx

– Sosa


Sunglasses – Blitz Vintage store (Brick Lane)

Black turtleneck – Boohoo

Body chain – River Island

Denim shirt – East End Thrift store

Skirt – Depop (don’t forget to follow me on Depop – heyitssosa)

Boots – Forever 21

Hoop earrings – Arndale market Manchester

Purple belt – Somewhere in Nigeria 🙂

The Duo


Its a bird, its a plane… no its Mode Meseé!

Hey Everyone!!! We are so excited about this post; we’ve finally gotten to shoot together (many thanks to Keenan Joseph) rather than shooting each other. It was a rainy rainy day that day so today on the Mode Meseé, we share our outfits that match the weather in London. IMG_3278 IMG_3287


Madi being Madi


Sosa being Sosa

IMG_3369 . Details – SOSA IMG_3336 For this post, Madi and I wanted to go very minimal and simple. I recreated a look that I wore to the Supermalt fashion showcase in Shoreditch the week before but this time i featured my current bun obsession (wore low buns underneath my fedora hat). IMG_3334 IMG_3342 IMG_3321 Keeping everything minimal I went for grey shades and black leathers. This coat is one of my many recent Depop finds; I’m really late on Depop, where have I been?? For those who don’t know, Depop is app for buying and selling pretty much anything and you can find some amazing deals, mostly second hand but y’know.. ‘one mans meat is another mans poison’ Please check out my stuff @heyitssosa and give me a follow! IMG_3331Sosa – Coat – Depop, Turtleneck – New Look, Pants – Topshop, Boots – New look, Hat – River island, Bag – Micheal Kors IMG_3290 So,  I dyed my hair green! Well It was turquoise a week ago but since I do wash my hair frequently its faded quite a bit. But I will hopefully re-dye it soon. It’s fascinating the way the weather changes the way we dress. I mean I get that there are practical reasons for this like when its hot you don’t want to be wearing a fur coat. I am more talking about how when the suns out everyones wearing colours and florals and feeling bright but when its raining we match the colours of the dark grey gloomy sky almost instinctively. It’s like winter is the funeral of summer and we’re still in mourning.  I guess it’s a good thing I like dressing in all  black. As I was writing this I had the rolling stones song ‘Doom and gloom’ stuck in my head. Just cause the weather is completely doom and gloomy.IMG_3293 IMG_3302 IMG_3413 Madison – Hat – H&M, Jumpsuit – Urban Outfitters, Coat – I’ve had it since I was 11 :O, Shoes – New Look, Bag – H&M IMG_3273 Thats all we got for now guy! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed making it. Expect loooaaadddds more duo posts from us. Love, Modemeseé xxx Th

Oaf Lane


Hey Guys!

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Monday. I’ve finally started wearing my thick circle frames (very Iris Apfel-esque ) and I am LOVING them. Today on the blog I’ll share with you my current obsession with two high buns on my head + other random things.


Two buns on my head makes me feel like Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken. She always had her hair in ponytails, high up and colourful bands around them. She is nothing short of swaggy.

In case you’re wondering, Tekken is the only video game I can kind of play; kind of because all the times I won as a child I’ve now come to understand that my brothers only allowed me win 😦 Maybe one day I’ll be good at video games.

Maybe one day..

copy copy


I had on a button down shirt from Lazy Oaf, curtesy of my friend Favv who also shot me in this outfit (check out her instagram page instagram.com/favour_e , show some love). Lazy Oaf has the most amazing prints and patterns and thus is probably going to be my newest obsession; this particular shirt is a menswear piece.

Random Sosa fact : I often wear menswear. I blame this on the fact that I have all brothers.


I paired the Aztec print shirt on a brown leather mini skirt I found in East End Thrift store. The cheapskate living inside of me takes me there very often but I never regret it! I was really attracted to this skirt because of the rich brown colour and plus scissors cut leather isn’t something you see everyday – win win.


Big shout out to my lovely mother for this Roots leather bag; one of my many bag steals from her.

My mums bag collection = Goals.

I love this bag because its so simple and would go on virtually anything, it carries a lot too!



Thats all folks!

Thanks for having a little read and we look forward to having you next time!


Denim Jacket – East End Thrift store

Shirt – Lazy Oaf

Leather skirt – East end thrift store

Shoes – New balance

Circle frame glasses – Somewhere in Camden

Bag – Roots (Canada)

Ear cuff – New look

Pig Tails


Sosa sent me a message before our blog shoot telling me to dress cute. I replied by saying “I’m always cute!” However I did make an conscious effort to be a little bit extra cute thus the pigtails. It was an impulse decision right before I left and I’ll tell you what I did feel pretty cute with my pig tails. I think a personal style revolution has begun and the pig tails are the Epi center.

So as you know from Sosa’s last post we went to the Tate Modern to see the exhibition ‘Conflict Time Photography’ which was incredible. I was not expecting to be so captivated. If you have the time I highly recommend visiting. It may surprise you.

After the exhibition we took a wonder around the rest of the galleries and admired some of the permanent collections.


I tried to do a Beyonce and act like the painting but I tilted in the wrong direction. Classic Madi.


Sosa caught me so candid. It was such a sunny day you wouldn’t have believed it was February in London.  IMG_3151


IMG_3161Coat – My Grandmothers
skirt – Goodwill
Sweater – H and M (I think)
Shoes – Target


I drew Sosa in a coffee shop! She didn’t like it.

That all for now guys! Leave us comments about what you think and if you have any requests, such as more adventures or more makeup…etc.

Love Madi xx